One franchise brand I represent is Supercuts.  It is a nationally recognized franchisor with over 2,600 units and has been in business 40 years.   They are a  leader in their industry – and the best part is, they are looking to expand. In fact, Supercuts was just ranked #3 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s top 500 franchise companies! (


Characteristics of this service based business include:

  • $65 billion dollar industry
  • Keep the safety and security of your full-time job
  • Manager run units (you can keep your job and run this business semi-passively)
  • Ability to open multiple units
  • Recession resistant Industry
  • Built-in-demand (everyone utilizes this service)
  • Little Inventory and no receivables
  • Technology resistant
  • Cyclically stable industry
  • An educated employee base


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