Franchise Validator on


Co – Authored by Jenny Childs


This book will help you buy a franchise, conduct your due diligence and evaluate a franchise opportunity. Know what questions to ask during the franchise buying process. This book gives you the questions you should ask at each stage of the process. Only after you ask the right questions, the hard questions, can you determine if the franchise opportunity is in alignment with your goals, and your family’s goals. There is no way you can feel comfortable asking only a few questions to evaluate a franchise when you are pushing $50,000 or $250,000 or a million dollars to the middle of the table.
The book is broken down into chapters that give you the questions you should ask (and why), beginning with what may be the most difficult: “Questions You Should Ask Yourself (and your family)”. It concludes with being prepared for the “Questions the Franchisor Should Ask You”…with literally hundreds of questions you should ask during the process. The author shares over 25 years of experience of selling franchises and explains which questions you should ask (and why) when you are looking for a franchise opportunity. FRANCHISE VALIDATOR will help you avoid financial ruin and avoid family destruction! An educated buyer makes better decisions. One can never ask too many questions!